Waiting for the future


Dear Smaug, I’m spending good time with friends here in Terni. Always waiting for the results of Milan, training with Marco and reading somebooks and newspapers in order to grow in journalism. 

Just finished the third book of Harry Potter, I’m preparing next book presentation on 8th October.

Moreover, sometimes I try to practice English watching House of Cards and following the political debates for the Presidency in the US.

Finally, I hanged out with friends taken from Karate group and Doctor’s one having dinner in San Gemini during the Middle Ages feast…

Let’s look at what will happen, hopefully very soon…

Best regards,



Some news!


Hello Smaug! Got some news for you!

First, I met Lali, the Argentine singer, well-known among Italian teenagers, at Discoteca Laziale in Rome.

Second, in spite of fall has just begun, I’m very happy at the moment, just ready for a new year. Dunno if I succeed with my application at the school of journalism in Milan, but It sounds very interesting.

As a matter of fact I realized to need for more notions and training in journalism, without forgetting to do as I did till now.

Reading newspapers and listening to radio channels as in Italian as in English and Spanish remain fundamental activities.

On the other hand, finishing the third book of Harry Potter and just started with the fourth season of House of Cards. Tomorrow I’ll take my new Ipad at the Apple Store, but just after a tennis match against my father.

This is a period of uncertainty. However, as University ended, I got new free time to collect other attracting activities. One of these will be representing my book at Feltrinelli Point in Terni, feat Irene Cusmano.

Leaving you some photos about Milan, beautiful city where I’d be glad to live in.

My best regards,


Keep on working


A bit tired for everything I’m doing now.

Facing the selection to take part in the school of journalism in Milan isn’t my only activity in these days.

Well, organising different activities after accomplishing my academic duties is exciting, but also existentially tiring.

Book presentation, meet people who could help me in the future in order to find a good job, and fulfill my days to grow up intellectually are beautiful stuff to handle, but also emotionally expensive.

I’m hanging out with old friends, such as Irene and Marco, and this is a good thing.

Anyway, I’m really satisfied about all the work I did in the garages and in my bedroom putting many things in the right place, bin, garage or whatever they had been to be thrown.

I should touch base with my girlfriend soon, however she’s busy with her new work and a little worried because of exams, thesis and internship to coordinate with LUISS.

Sincerely, I’m a bit tired now. Tomorrow I’m going to meet this cute Argentine singer and actress with Benedetta in Rome, and hopefully buy some books asked for by my mother.

Dear Smaug, be fellow of my next hard adventure to manage in order to reach victory and accomplish my purposes.

My best regards,


September vibes


It’s been ages dear Smaug!! Bit busy with the application to the school of journalism in Milan and Turin now, but enormously enjoying my hobbies at the same time.

Today organising new book presentation with Irene in Terni is the most important current issue, anyway I’m continuing to write article for ASI.

I’ve been in Milan for three days in order to face the written exams at Walter Tobagi school. Beautiful city, several enchanting shops, nice places to visit.

Cathedral is gorgeous whenever I see it. Sorry just for Luini that I didn’t find open to eat Panzerotti.

Some friends I didn’t meet let me down a bit, anyway hope further occasions will fit us better.

Some difficulties of my girlfriend now. I follow her new and behave as her best ally to face the situation looking for a solution.

See you Smaug!

My best regards


New purposes are coming


It’s a strange period, just like any other which involves change. My personal goals are accomplished now, beyond those I’m planning nowadays… The earthquake which struck the centre of Italy ten days ago changed our plans, so we went back from Frontignano before than the day of the return.

 Just in this case, I got the opportunity to get organising some stuff for representing my book, by coordinating also my work with Irene, and leaving the moderation of the event to aunt Lucilla. At the same time, waiting for the outcomes of the first round to be selected by the school of journalism in Milan. 

Working hard with ASI even, hoping my efforts will be rewarded in the future. I’ve just got a very good point in this collaboration.

Visited a comics exhibition with my cousins this afternoon, but nothing interesting to buy, maybe sell, considering what we’re tiding in our garages…

Goodbye Smaug! See you soon,


Earthquake nearby


Dear Smaug, I should have so many news! Gone and returned to and from the mountains three days ago understanding the real intensity of an earthquake.

I spent good time there, but it’s incredible how an earthquake could be strong outside the valley of Terni.

However, I’m very excited at the same time. Reading about journalism again, and writing according to its criterias, is exhilarating. After years of university I went back to take interviews and following current affairs. Deepening with news is still the best thing I wanna achieve, better if integrating foreign languages, trips and new experiences.

Moreover, about a month after my graduation parties are not finished and I celebrated with other relatives in Frontignano today, where we owe the mountain-home.

Feeling good, good vibes come from the event of tomorrow as well. Mark Zuckerberg is gonna meet the Italian students at Luiss, and I wrote down some questions to take an extraordinary interview yet.

Kind regards,


Grandfathers and readings in Terni


After the tremendous esrthquake that has damaged most of our cities in this part of Italy, I decided to spend this day reading a lot of news and writing another article about this fact, this time focused on the Hotel Roma of Amatrice, severely destroyed by the quake.

Bought two nespapers, I went back to home to tidy my bedroom and prepare my laggage, but not before visiting my grandfather Valentino.

Anyway, after a long talk, I have had dinner with him this evening at Pizzeria “Al Borgo”, eating a tasty fried starter before enjoying a traditional pizza.

Furthermore I got ready to leave for Frontignano, so curious to see what the earthquake provoked there.

Waiting for this, really enjoying how I can luckily read more news than before, when attending university, in order apply for the schools of journalism. See you Smaug!